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Pastor J.D. Elshoff's Biography


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A King is Coming!

A Month To Be Thankful

A Wanderin' Star

All Saints' Day

All Things New!!

Be Thou My Vision

Being Free To Worship

Christmas 2012

Facing Your Giants

February ~~ A Good Month For Love!

February – The Valentine Month

Freedom Isn't Free

Glomming On – The Art* Of Not Letting Go

Go To HELL, satan!

Have You Read Your Bible Lately?

Heaven is for Real!

Here We Go Again!

Hosea -- Come back to me

I've Got Your Back

I Love You

Is the Bible the inerrant Word of God?

Is there such a thing as "Gay Marriage?"

Just Wait...Just "Chill Out!"

Lay Your Burden Down


Lent Season

Let My People Go!

May Flowers and other Evidence

Mending Fences

Mother's Day, 2013

Mother's Day, 2012

National Hunger Action Month

Notes on Building Bridges

...One Nation Under God...

Open My Eyes, Lord

Using New Wineskins

Reconcile "An Eye For An Eye"
With "Turn The Other Cheek"

Returning For School

The Beginning of Summer

The Best is Yet to Come!

The Lenten Season

The “Spirit” of Pentecost

The Walk to Emmaus

There Is A Time For Everything

Wise Men Still Seek Him

World Communion

Ye Must Be Born Again

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